Rosario Huidobro


Rosario Domínguez García-Huidobro, Santiago (Chili), 03-07-1990

Rosario, artist name: Rosario Huidobro born 3 juli 1990 in Santiago with bilateral cataract. As a child she receives a series of eye-surgeries. She has been wearing contact lenses since she was a baby, because her own lenses were surgically removed. She has a narrow vision and sees mainly in the lower part of the center. When she focuses her gaze for a long time, her eyes begin to tremble.

Rosario grows up in the ecological community of Penalolén, Santiago. A neighborhood located at the foot of the Andes. This place full of art and nature will play an important role in Rosario's way of life. Surrounded by painters such as Pablo Domínguez, Andrés Aliaga, Yto Aranda, Omar Gatica and Francisca Nuñez, Rosario starts painting on canvas at the age of fifteen.

In 2007, the artist takes a course in the arts at the University of Chile. In 2012, she studies art at the University of Finis Terrae. In 2013, Rosario leaves for the Netherlands. Her paintings are part of different art collections around the world. An example of this is a painting of hers that has a prominent place in the civil court of Santiago.

In 2013, a work of hers was obtained by the municipality of Coullons, France, bringing beauty to the Town Hall wall.

The power of her work has sparked the interest of private collectors and public bodies in Chile, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. She is still young, but has already established herself in the Chilean and international art world.


“The first stage of her work represents a beautiful real universe. It shows different facets of an idea in which fantasy, dream and a primordial world present themselves. They evoke dimensions where the laws of reality definitely function in a different way.”

Quote from artist and curator: Mario Soro Vásquez

“This young painter finds her artistic expression in color and dreamworlds. She has managed to create fantastic landscapes. More intimate than the mountainous landscape and the space as an abyss.”

Quote from philosopher and Chilean cult figure: Felipe Vilches

“Her work evolves and deepens. She takes a big step as she reflects on her work and improves her own way of working. Working with her eyes very close on the canvas, she slowly moves from one extreme to the other on the large format canvas. Rosario Huidobro composes ‘Las Trenzas del Universo’, starting from a repeating texture with which she describes spatial atmospheres with an organic character. The lack of characters and objects makes the concept of scale disappear. In this way she establishes the similarities between microcosm and macrocosm.”

Quote from visual artist and architect: Mario Domínguez